About Us

Hira Textiles is one of the UK's largest Asian fashion retailer. We endeavor to provide our customers with quality goods and quality at market-leading prices.

Hira Textiles first opened it's door's in 2005 and has grown exponentially ever since. We want every customer to feel special and completley satisfied so we ensure to provide the best customer service. Whether online or in store we want to a build a customer relationship that lasts for many years to come. 

We offer products to provide for a wide range of customers. Hira Textiles offers the most popular and high end asian clothing yet at unbeatable prices. We range from everyday wear to clothing for occasions. 

We will not only price match any other store but also beat it! We always guarantee this.

If you have any enquiries please visit us in store or contact us via phone or WhatsApp on 07851370991